7 Best Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Softwares To Kickstart Your Career

MLM, an abbreviation of multi level marketing, holds a synonym with network marketing. It is defined as a business marketing scheme designed to encourage their distributors to promote their products. Often, this marketing strategy is compared to the pyramid scheme, which is illegal in the court of law as it leeches off money from new recruits. MLM is at a different level as it is legal and approved under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Despite the controversies surrounding MLM due to its close nature with the pyramid scheme, the questionable business strategy still holds its head high in Malaysia. In fact, MLM Malaysia has a higher capita than the US.

To begin your career in best mlm software, you need a top notch software to grow the roots of your network business. Here are 7 best multi level marketing softwares for you to use as a kickstart in your business career:

  1. MarketPowerPRO

A mobile-incorporated network marketing software that aids delivery and payment process at every stage providing a wide range of features to flourish your business, such as inventory management, multi currency, payment gateway integration, ecommerce integration sales reporting and many others. 

  1. InfiniteMLMSoftware

A complete MLM business solution by providing leverage to your operations and increasing profit margin. Comes with CMS and e-commerce integration,  this software has the ability to do payment processing and website optimization along with providing all the compensation plan like Binary MLM Plan, Matrix MLM Plan, Unilevel MLM Plan, Monoline MLM Plan, Hybrid MLM Plan, Gift Plan, and so on. Other mechanics are backup system, distributor management, level commission, multi currency, performance management, etc.

  1. Pro MLM Software

A MLM software which supports multiple network models to set up your own compensation plan that is based on current market requirements. This software is awarded with Best Value by Software Suggest Fall 2020.

  1. SocialBugCRM

A one-click operation which focuses on social media branding that can work for affiliate marketers. Designed for enterprise management and integrate shopping carts into a direct sales company. This software also enables affiliates to sell in a regular manner of MLM plan. Has order management, commission management, payment gateway integration, integrated with CMS, investment bonus and tax calculation.

  1. Elite MLM Software

The best software to run your network marketing business by providing a number of plans like binary MLM plan, uni level MLM plan, forced matrix plan, monoline plan, x-up plan, investment plan and repurchase plan. It is built in with commission management, sales reporting, distribution management, SMS integration, backup system, et cetera.

  1. iMatrix

The ideal software for beginners or start ups for its rock solid foundation and its enterprise level system. Suitable for all types of businesses, it is customized as per the need and comes with mobile app support for operations. 

  1. FinoForce

India’s best direct selling MLM software which was awarded by Software Suggest, winning Best Value and Top Trending MLM software in Fall 2020. It has built in features like bonus, loan and advances management and is multi languages.

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